Mário Vitória’s (1983, Coimbra/Portugal) exuberant images attach to his prodigious imagination which allows him to create the most extensive narratives on a single canvas, with eminent dominion of metaphor, always bordering on the critic of the Human theatre. This artist’s work is, thus, of an admirable depth, exhibiting complementarity by merging opposite forces, as if our origin is inevitably both Good and Evil. Notwithstanding that Mário’s references range from Disney to Alfred Hitchcock, placing ingenuity, melancholy, aggression and even the grotesque in the same scene, always resulting in a clear violence of existence, as if existence, by definition, is dependent or born out of violence. Another notion I saw as dominant in Mário Vitória’s project is the conception of time, the notion of time or times, its overlapping, or rather, juxtaposition. In short, a finding of simultaneity of different temporal concepts in the same pictorial space.

Mário Vitória has graduated from the Fine Arts University of Porto in Painting and holds two master degrees in Practices and Theories of Drawing at Fine Arts and in Visual Arts Education at Psychology and Education Sciences from the University of Porto. His works have been shown all across Europe. © Walter Hugo Mae