Wanting to become normal in a heteronormative society, gay men are forced to follow a hegemonic model of masculinity. This kind of 'normative masculinity is described as heterosexual, economically independent, capable of supporting a family, physically potent, rational, suppressing hurtful emotions, dominating against women and other men, paying considerable attention to 'sexual conquests' (Tereškinas, 2007). The mentioned transformation into dominant male is well seen in sports. After all, a lot of presumed that gays engage in sports, yet this was only revealed in recent years. There was a big wave of reports on gay athletes. It was not talked about before. With these works I depict a look at the men striving in sport fields with a bit of irony. To analyse the sports imagery I will invoke the metaphor of camouflaged masculinity." © Adomas Danusevicius (1984, Vilnius/ Lithuania)